Call Centre Services Management

We provide complete end to end solutions for call centre services. This includes setting up tele callers for various purposes. As a company your customers need to reach out to you in case of queries, concerns, complaints and clarifications.

For this purpose, we help your business in setting up an efficient team of callers who are trained and managed by us to take care of your call centre service needs. This gives you one less thing to worry about and allows you to associate with the best callers who are experts in handling this kind of work. It makes your processes smoother and better managed, leaving you with time and resources for better utilisation. We help set up callers for assistance in the following operations of your business:

  • Technical support
  • Order processing
  • Status enquiries
  • Billing enquiries
  • Customer complaints and grievance management
  • Calling leads and managing new leads
  • Post sales follow-up and feedback
  • Surveying product demand and supply and
  • Multiple channel inbound calling