E-mail marketing

Email marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways of marketing in today’s world. Emails are something we check every day and they are a part of every individual’s life in today’s digital generation. Email marketing is the practice of sending emails to generate leads or convert leads or maintain customer loyalty as well.

Emails can be designed to cater to multiple functions. They are used in maintaining contact with the potential customers and audiences to keep their interest in the business and keep the customer updated and informed about the business. Emails can be used to build brand awareness as well to capture new leads and solicit sales. It is targeted towards both potential customers or leads and existing customers. Every company can maintain a database of its customers and send email notifications to spread awareness about the business. There are various aspects to email marketing as well and it requires a proper structure and platform for any business to send and emails proficiently and regularly. Therefore, Trade2Online caters to email marketing needs of companies and helps your business grow and function with more efficiency by managing your email system. Our services in email marketing domain include:

• Sending registration emails
• Creating and sending follow-up emails
• Creating and sending automated responses to enquiries and concerns
• Managing and optimising the email system to increase the brand awareness
• Using emails for marketing by sending regular updates about products and services
• Auto generated emails for confirmation on various activities
• Referral emails
• Newsletters
• Advertising emails for promotions